A group of TVET College principals of the Basque Country, the VET Vice Ministry of the Basque Government and the Unevoc-Centre (Tknika) held a meeting to start a Strategy on gender equality for the coming years.


The colleges who took part on the initiative are the following:

·       Plaiaundi Institutua http://www.plaiaundi.hezkuntza.net/web/guest/portada

·       Intelligent construction college http://eagi.eus/

·       Tolosako Inmakulada http://www.inmakuladatolosa.eus/index.php/home-2/

·       Bidebieta http://www.bidebieta-donostia.hezkuntza.net/web/guest/inicio

·       Cebanc http://www.cebanc.com/es

·       Andra Mari http://www.andramari.hezkuntza.net/web/guest

·       Miguel Altuna http://www.imaltuna.hezkuntza.net/web/guest/inicio

·       Lea Artibai http://www.leartik.eus/

·       Monte Albertia http://www.montealbertia.hezkuntza.net/web/guest

·       Social Innovation College http://www.hernanilanh.hezkuntza.net/web/guest/inicio1

·       Zabalburu http://www.zabalburu.hezkuntza.net/web/guest

·       Elorrieta-Erreka Mari http://www.elorrieta.hezkuntza.net/web/guest

The TVET strategy of UNEVOC has three main pillars:

The goal of the meeting was to set up a team to work on the second pillar of Gender Equality in the Basque TVET.

During the meeting, they discussed different aspects of the issue, conducted a SWOT analysis and agreed on a common strategy and action plan to be developed during the next years.